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What We Do

We help businesses bring more clients and profit through our proven content marketing process of content creation + amplification + nurturing.

Our team creates a custom marketing strategy for each of our clients that creates visibility and gets their business in front of their ideal clients.

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” — Andrew Davis

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Pinwheel Process

Creating an effective marketing strategy is like putting together a puzzle. One piece on its own or pieces that do not fit does not give you the right results. But, when you put the right pieces together, you can see the full picture. Marketing is the same! There are so many places to spend your marketing budget and if you do not have the right combination of pieces you will not get the results that you want.

Pinwheel Strategic Marketing focuses on what we consider to be the most effective marketing practices for driving website traffic, increasing brand awareness and build a list of people who are interested in YOU! The Pinwheel process is strategy + content creation + amplification.



All effective marketing starts with a plan. For all of our full service marketing clients we start with a deep dive into your brand and current marketing activites. From here, we can create a strategy that guides all of our work for the best results for your business.


Content Creation

Content creation that positions you as an expert in your industry and attracts the clients you will LOVE working with everyday! We strategize, research and create content that serves your target client and repels those who are a terrible fit.


Amplification +

Our main amplification tool is Pinterest. For our clients Pinterest becomes their #1 source of website traffic when they have great content to share. Most of our clients do not realize how effective Pinterest is to their content marketing plan, we make Pinterest work for YOU!

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Our Story

Pinwheel Strategic Marketing was started in 2017 by founder and CEO Amber Peterson. After a decade in the wedding industry, she wanted to create a marketing agency that would help small businesses achieve visibility and increased revenue through strategic content & Pinterest marketing.

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